The Importance of Social Media for a Modern Business

Young entrepreneurs and established companies alike are gravitating towards social media as a vehicle to promote their brand. The importance of social media for any company should not be understated. There are many reasons why an active social media presence may be integral to the success of a company.

Engage with Customers

Daily internet use has more than doubled since 2006 according to a recent report by the Office of National Statistics with 86% of people browsing the internet each day in 2018. Moreover, 60% of Men and 69% of Women are using the internet regularly for Social Media. These numbers are averages for the populace as a whole rather than a specific demographic. You may well find that the percentage of your target market is higher:

Social Media Demographics

Having access to, and engaging with, those customers can drive traffic to your site. More traffic means more conversion into sales! In addition to this, you may reach out to customers that you wouldn’t have with other conventional marketing tools.

This brings us to the next benefit...

Demographic Targeting

A broad marketing campaign is all well and good, however, if this is not reaching the intended market then it may not be as successful as hoped. Different channels are more suited to different audiences. Well researched marketing campaigns at a specific demographic, using a specific social media platform can prove more fruitful and cheaper than a broad advertising campaign.

As an example of this, many clothing brands will find success advertising to the 16-24 year old demographic via the more visual platforms of Instagram or Snapchat.

Brand Reputation

We touched upon this briefly in our article outlining the importance of good customer service.

The reputation of a company is important and bad news travels fast. Disgruntled customers will often use Social Media as a means to express their anguish with a company. Companies that are seen to actively interact with dissatisfied customers and resolve any disputes will build a positive image of themselves. This can instil loyalty and encourage any potential customers that were on previously on the fence.

On the contrary, ignoring customer reviews or complaints, and not managing your online reputation, is a sure fire way to losing the business of repeat customers who may look elsewhere in the future.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

A strong web presence is often underpinned by a strong social media presence; the two are interwoven in many ways.  Not only can social media drive customers to your site directly, but this can also enable customers to find your site organically.

The algorithms that determine web search rankings are enigmatic and often a cause of debate. Nevertheless, it is widely accepted that social media does improve SEO rankings. If more customers can find your site organically with your targeted keywords then this can save money on costly ad campaigns.

Traditional marketing methods are still of value to some companies but are becoming obsolete in many cases for modern companies. Social Media is integral to the longevity of a company and almost expected by many customers. Don’t get left behind!

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