Filing Duties


Getting to Grips with Your Filing Duties



What should you be aware of?

Forming a company is the easy part but keeping up to date with your statutory filing requirements can seem burdensome. The proposed Small Business, Enterprise and Employment act aims to reduce the red tape and restrictions of the current regulations but at present there are several filing requirements to take into account.  The penalties for failing to comply with your statutory duties range from fines to a criminal conviction so it is paramount you are aware of your responsibilities as a company director.

Who is responsible for this?

Company directors are legally responsible for ensuring a company complies with it's filing requirements. It is easy to make the common mistake that your accountant is doing this for you but this may not always be the case. Thankfully, you can check your current filing dates with Companies House at any time on their Webcheck facility.


Confirmation Statement

Confirmation Statement Filing

Throughout a given year you may find that your company has gone through several changes in your current appointments or shareholdings. The Confirmation Statement (previously the Annual Return) is a yearly statement which gives an up to date picture of your current company structure. Once a year a company must deliver this document and this must be filed within 14 days of the anniversary of the company incorporation.


Accounts Filing

A set of accounts must also be lodged with Companies House and HMRC on a yearly basis. Accounts filed with Companies House are often abbreviated and may simply be a basic profit and loss sheet, however HM Revenues & Customers will request a detailed summary of financial transactions throughout the year.


Corporation Tax Return

Tax Return

Your company tax return includes form CT600 and any other supplementary document HMRC request. This is used to calculate the total profit or loss for a company and thus any tax that may be due. It is advisable to seek the assistance with an accountant for this if your company is trading as you don't want to receive an unexpected tax bill.


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Register for the E-Reminders scheme to ensure you are notified when your accounts and your annual return are due.

What else is there to consider?

Different company structures can have different filing responsibilities. The list above is intended as a general overview of the yearly filing requirements for a limited by shares company.

As well as the yearly filing requirements you will also need to notify Companies House if there have been any changes to the current appointments or share structure throughout the year. Fortunately, the existence of the Companies House web filing service ensures most forms can be filed with ease.

How can we help?

With a wealth of experience our team of advisors regularly assist with the annual return and dormant accounts filing. Contact us today to see how we can assist.

Please note Companies House processing times are an estimate only and not guaranteed.

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