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Why choose our address service?

PRICE Our low price is not the only reason to choose our service but it will certainly make the decision easier. We offer a fully inclusive fixed price service for small businesses at low prices.

EXPERIENCE With nearly 20 years experience providing virtual office services we are trusted by many businesses to provide a professional mailing address.

FIXED COSTS Knowing exactly how much your mail service costs means no nasty surprises. One fee for a fixed period of time or a set number of envelopes.

SUPPORT All of our services are backed by our commitment to provide great customer service. Contact us by phone, email or online chat. Drop in and see us if you are near by.

What's included with your low cost virtual address?

The low cost packages include the following:

  • Use our address as the Registered Office
  • HMRC and Companies House mail
  • Bank letters
  • Customers letters
  • Suppliers letters
  • General business mail
  • Any other letters up to 1kg in weight (about the weight of a large catalogue)

Choose Your Address



In the MidlandsOrder Today
  • (Your Company Name)
  • Union House
  • 111 New Union Street
  • Coventry
  • CV1 2NT



In the CapitalOrder Today
  • (Your Company Name)
  • Crown House
  • 27 Old Gloucester Street
  • London
  • WC1N 3AX



In ScotlandOrder Today
  • (Your Company Name)
  • Summit house
  • 4-5 Mitchell Street
  • Edinburgh
  • EH6 7BD

Low Cost Virtual Office Packages

Fixed Price 30

Up to 30 Letters

 From £100 + vat

Fixed Price 60 Package

Up to 60 Letters

 From £150 + vat

Fixed Price 100 Package

Up to 100 Letters

 From £200 + vat

Use our address as the Registered Office (no extra charge)    
Companies House letters    
HMRC letters      
Bank letters and statements    
Customers letters, invoices etc.    
Suppliers letters, invoices etc.    
Utility bills    
Legal notices    
Any general business mail or letters up to 1kg in weight    
Number of letters per year 30  60  100
Order your virtual address today - COVENTRY ADDRESS ORDER NOW ORDER NOW ORDER NOW
Order your virtual address today - LONDON ADDRESS ORDER NOW ORDER NOW ORDER NOW
Order your virtual address today - EDINBURGH ADDRESS ORDER NOW ORDER NOW ORDER NOW


Who can use our virtual address?

The virtual address service can be ordered by companies, partnerships, LLPs, sole traders, in fact any small business can use our address as their own. Simply choose the address you want to use and order the number of items you expect to receive.

The fixed price service is a cheap virtual office solution for small businesses that need an address for occasional items of mail. Using our service allows small business owners to concentrate on running their business without worrying about missing the post or a courier delivery.

How does it work?

We aim to keep the service simple.

You choose how many items of mail you anticipate receiving during the year and we will forward that quantity of letters to you during the 12 month service.

Select either our Coventry, London or Edinburgh office.

Order today and start using our address immediately as your business address.

Any letter received at our office addressed to your business will be processed, new postage added and then it is then sent to your actual address.

The service will last for 12 months from the date of ordering or until the purchased number of letters have been forwarded to you. The service expires when the purchased number of letters have been received and sent to you or at 12 months, whichever occurs first.

We will instruct you when the service is due to expire and invite you to renew the service.

What is not included.

Items over 1kg in weight are not included in the service. It is most unlikely that you will receive any post this heavy. 1kg is approximately the weight of a large catalogue.

Goods, parcels or high value items will not be forwarded. We ask that you order goods and parcels for delivery directly to you. This is to prevent unscrupulous people abusing the address. We must maintain a safe address for all our reputable customers.

In the event that we process more letters than you have paid for we will invite you to renew the service. When you approach the expiry of the service we will contact you to let you know the service needs to be renewed. Unfortunately we cannot forward more letters than you have purchased as the service has expired.

If your service runs for 12 months and we have not processed the full amount of letters purchased during this time period the remaining balance does not roll over to the next 12 month period.

Please note Companies House processing times are an estimate only and not guaranteed.

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