Registered office

What is a registered office?



The registered office is the legal address for all limited companies registered in the UK.

When forming a Limited company or LLP registered in the UK you will be required to provide a registered office address. This address is publically available and should be included on any official company documentation along with your company number. All notices from Companies House and HMRC will be posted, and if necessary hand delivered, to this address.

The address has to be a real physical location based in the country of incorporation. This can be your business address, however it is not uncommon to use an accountant or service provider. If the address is ineffective, Companies House may take action against your company.


Can my registered office be anywhere?

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The short answer is no, the registered office must be a real physical location in the same country as the jurisdiction your company was registered in. Scottish companies must maintain a Scottish address for example.

Do I need a registered office?

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Yes, it is a legal requirement for all UK registered limited companies to maintain a registered office address. This provides the registrar with an address to delivery any statutory or legal notices.

Is this the same as a trading address?

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Not necessarily, whilst they can be one and the same it is possible to have an alternative trading address. There are fewer restrictions on the trading address and this can be anywhere in the world.


The Companies Act prohibits a limited company from changing it’s country of incorporation. A company registered in England and Wales must maintain a registered office address in England or Wales as would also apply to companies registered in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

These regulations have increased the popularity or a registered office address service such as our own as it is possible to maintain a limited company even when the people involved do not have an address in the country of incorporation.

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You can find more information on the registered office service we provide here.



Can I change my registered office?

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Yes, it is possible to change the registered office at any time by filing form AD01. This can be filed either online or by post. The regulations also apply to the new address so you would not be able to change to a PO box for example.

What is sent to the registered office?

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HMRC, Companies House and various other government agencies will use the registered office address for any official correspondence. Likewise, any legal notices will be formally served at the registered office address.

Can I use my home address?

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Yes, it is entirely possible to use your home address as the registered office for your company. This information, however, is publicly available. In the interest of privacy many companies opt to use an accountants address or a service provider such as ourselves as the registered office.

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