Money Laundering Regulations

To prevent money laundering within the UK we are required to 'know our clients'.

What Identification do I Need to Provide?

This will depend on who we provide the service to!

UK Customers

Any order for virtual address services or a company formation application where everyone is located in the UK. There is no one based outside of the UK connected to the order.

This includes:

Personal customers  that are UK resident person

Sole Trader or Partnership based in the UK

UK Limited Company (LTD) - All directors, shareholders and PSCs live in the UK

UK Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) -  All partners and PSCs live in the UK

Another business structure we can verify that has no owners based outside of the UK


Non-UK Customers

Any order for virtual address or a company formation application where any one person or more is located outside of the UK. This applies to any overseas customers.

This includes:

Personal customers that live outside the UK

UK Limited Company (LTD) - One or more of the directors, shareholders or PSCs lives outside of the UK

UK Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) - One or more of the partners or PSCs lives outside of the UK

Another business structure we can verify with one or more of the owners/persons involved living outside of the UK


Providing services to UK registered businesses means that we have to adhere to the requirements of the MLR. We are registered with HMRC who supervise the following four business sectors-

High Value Dealers

Trust or Company Service Providers

Accountancy Service Providers

Money Service Businesses


More About the Money Laundering Regulations

Implemented in 2007 (and subsequently updated), the Money Laundering Regulations are designed to protect the UK financial system.

Whilst the regulations are commonly associated with banks and financial institutions the laws govern many other industries such as company service providers.

We take a responsible approach to meeting legal requirements and operating within the regulations that govern our industry.

Any customer that has purchased a virtual address service or related product will be asked to provide the following documents by post or by email.

UK Customers

  • Copy of driving licence photo card or a copy of passport
  • Utility bill or bank statement in that person’s name dated within the last 3 months
  • Completed client registration form

Non-UK Customers

  • Overseas customers are requested to provide the same information but we may ask for solicitor certified or notarised copies. We may also need a certified translation of the document if the original is not in English.

If you are ordering services on behalf of a third party you are acting as an intermediary we will need to identify any intermediary that orders a service.

Identification requirements


Corporate Structures and Nominee Directors

If you have registered a business with us that has a corporate structure (companies registered as directors or shareholders or members) with complete transparency we need identification for the beneficial owners. Please note - we do not provide services to companies that have complex corporate structures

  • The UK business we are providing services to
  • The corporate entity that owns the UK Company

For the UK business we are providing services to we need-

  • UK Certificate of incorporation
  • UK Incorporation forms confirming structure (IN01, LLIN01, or LP5) (If you formed the company using our company registration service we can access this information for you)

For the corporate entity that owns the UK company we need the following-

  • Certificate of incorporation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Incorporation forms confirming structure and identity of beneficial owner
  • Copy of driving licence photo card or a copy of passport of the beneficial owner(s)
  • Utility bill or bank statement in the name of the beneficial owner(s) dated within the last 3 months

Customers purchasing a mail forwarding address or a service that creates a business relationship with SFS must complete the client registration form.

Please visit our Client Registration Page to print and complete the Client Registration Forms.


We value your privacy

Whilst these regulations are administrative we do have to request the identification. Please be assured that we will keep your information secure. We will not pass your details to a third party.

All customer details are kept securely by SFS. We will only divulge your details if legally required to provide the information or the request is made by a government agency that does not fall within data protection laws.

Please note Companies House processing times are an estimate only and not guaranteed.

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