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The Anti Money Laundering Regulations

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Getting to Know Our Clients

Simple Formations is one of the UK’s leading company service providers. Offering company formations and mail forwarding services means that we are responsible for getting to ‘know our clients’ and meeting the Money Laundering Regulations.

Company service providers, including Simple Formations, are legally required to check the identity of customers ordering a mail service or other on-going services when a relationship exists between us and the customer.

Identifying Clients

Identifying clients is part of the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations. In short, to prevent customers from using our company services to launder money we conduct an identity verification process. 

To identify our clients we request that customers provide identification documents, conduct electronic background checks and may also require notarised/certified copies.

When you place an order with us we will contact you to request your identification documents. These need to be provided before you start to use our service.

Company Documents

What identification do we need?

This will depend on your location!

UK Customers

Everyone connected to the mail forwarding service or company formation is located in the UK. There is no one based outside of the UK

Personal Mail Forwarding - UK residents only

Sole Trader or Partnership based in the UK

UK Limited Company (LTD) - The directors, shareholders or PSCs all live in the UK

UK Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) - The partners or PSCs all live in the UK

Another business structure that has no owners based outside of the UK


Non-UK Customers

One or more people connected to the mail service or company formation is located outside of the UK. This applies to any overseas customers.

Personal Mail Forwarding - You live abroad

UK Limited Company (LTD) - One or more of the directors, shareholders or PSCs lives outside of the UK

UK Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) - One or more of the partners or PSCs lives outside of the UK

Another business structure with one or more of the owners living outside of the UK


Company Formation Documents

Providing Identification and Registration

If you have purchased a service from us that requires the provision of identification then we will ask you to register as a customer.

What documents do we need?

The basic identification we request is-

  • Completed Client Registration Form
  • Photo Identification – Passport or Driving Licence
  • Address Proof – Utility Bill (Gas, Electric, Water), Bank Statement, Council Tax Bill, Landline Phone Bill (not mobile phone). This should be issued within the last 3 months.

There are slight variations in the requirements depending on the address service that you have purchased and your location. We will use the documents provided to conduct background checks on UK customers. Overseas customers will need to provide notarised documents. Please see the correct pages on our website.

Registration Forms



If you need any assistance completing the registration forms please get in touch.

Thank you for completing the registration process.

We understand providing the registration form and documentation is time consuming and administrative. This is a legal requirement and we appreciate customers supplying these as quickly as possible.


Please note Companies House processing times are an estimate only and not guaranteed.

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