Registered Office Service

Registered Office Service

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Keep your home address private

Renting a physical office space can be expensive and advertising your home address may not be ideal.

Keeping a degree of separation from your personal life and your business can offer security and peace of mind. Not all customers can be satiable and in the event that your customer was disagreeable you would more than likely not want them turning up on your doorstep. A virtual office address can not only afford you the privacy you need but provide a variety of other benefits as well.

Customers can often be skeptical when dealing with a company advertising a PO Box or a clear home address for correspondence. Separating your business from your home address will not only reassure your customers but also improve your company image which is essential in the long term. 

Our address is your address

HMRC letters included

Companies House letters included

No extra postage costs


What address options do we offer?

We are pleased to be able to offer 3 different office locations for our address services. We can offer a registered office service from our Coventry, London for companies’ registered in English and Wales, alternatively if your company is registered in Scotland we can offer our Edinburgh address.  In addition to the registered office service we can also offer our Virtual office service which allows you to receive general business mail in addition to the registered office items.

By using our address services your private details will not be displayed in the public domain and your company will be provided with an address which can be displayed on Companies House or your business letterhead and correspondence. You can choose from one of the following three offices:


Registered Office

This address is based close to the city centre and is located in the legal district of Coventry which helps provide the professional image for your limited company.


Registered office

Having your address based in the capital of England is often sought after by a lot of client who have international relations. Using our London address provide a prestigious address for your company.


Registered Office

Using our Edinburgh office will provide your company with an address in the Scottish capital to meet legal requirements and provide the professional image and service your company requires.


What's included?

 The use of this address with Companies House and HMRC

 Companies House mail posted to your address

 HMRC mail posted to your address

 The forwarding of legal notices

What's not included?

 Banking mail

 Mail from suppliers

 Mail from customers

 Using our address at DVLA

Service can be upgraded at any time. You can find more information on our fixed price packages here


Just some of the benefits

Prestigious address


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A prestigious address can improve your company image and appeal to future clients and investors. 



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A UK company must maintain a UK based registered office address. Our service ensures you do not need to be physically based in the UK to run your UK company. Whether you are travelling or permanently based overseas our service may be ideal for you. 

Professional support


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We strive to provide excellent customer service and the registered office address is just the beginning of the services we can provide. Contact us at any time via email, phone or using our online chat facility to speak with one of our friendly advisers.


UK registered office for overseas clients

It is not just directors who wish to keep their home address private who use a virtual registered office address, many companies where the directors are not UK residents will use a virtual address to meet the Legal requirements of having an address in the UK.

Directors who are based outside of the UK require a fast and reliable address provider to ensure the official notices relating to their company are forwarded as the items can be reminders for filing documents which if ignored can result in your company being dissolved and removed from the register of companies. 




Easy to order

New companies: Add the registered office service to your company formation. 

Register a company or LLP online using our website and you can easily add the registered office service at the time of incorporation. We will add the fee to your invoice at checkout. This will SAVE MONEY when ordering with your company.

Existing companies: Looking for a reliable registered address service for your existing company or LLP. Simply order online and you can update Companies House records today. Address services are activated the same working day so you can begin using the address with immediate effect.

If you are interested in ordering our registered address service please get in touch with one of our friendly advisors. You can contact us by email, by phone or using our online chat facility. We look forward to hearing from you.

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