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Registering a limited company is a service many accountants provide to their clients. However, there are very few accountants that have their own company formation website. Many use software provided by third parties, use Companies House directly or choose a company formation agent to assist them.

The following information is just one example of why accountants find our service so useful. This case study highlights an accounting firm that chose to use our service and has been a valued customer for over 10 years.

Many years ago we were contacted by a firm of accountants that were experiencing problems using software that was not 'user friendly' and getting annoyed by the poor service they received from their existing company formation agent. They were forming 2 or 3 companies every month and wanted a reliable service without any fuss.

Their first phone call soon developed into a friendly chat with Mike, one of our experienced advisors, who was able to discuss the benefits of using our website. Mike explained how he would be their primary point of contact and he would set everything up for the accountant. It is our aim to make an accountant’s job easier.

Within a few minutes we had all the initial information we needed to add the accountants details to our system. A secure agents account was set up and the accountant was able to begin registering companies that same morning.

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Why did the accountant choose Simple Formations?

Why choose SimpleFormations?

Hundreds of accountants and tax advisors use our service to register limited companies. They choose to use our website instead of Companies House or another service provider. What makes our service better.

MONTHLY ACCOUNT. Previously the accountant was paying for each company formation by credit card. This was annoying for two reasons. Firstly the senior partners held the credit cards whilst one of the assistants was responsible for submitting the application. Secondly more transactions, equals more reconciliation of their bank account. Setting the accountant up with a monthly account resolved both issues.

DISCOUNTS. The accountant regularly orders companies and benefits from a discount on the advertised price. Whenever they contact us for additional services we are happy to provide preferential rates in recognition of the business we receive from them.

COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION.  The accountant charges their clients for assisting them with the company formation. Handing the customer a single certificate of incorporation did not reflect well on the accountant. All accountants using Simple Formations get a set of documents that they can print themselves. This accounting firm prefers that we print their documents on quality paper and use Companies House card for the certificate of incorporation. We post these to the accountant on the day the company is formed.

NO BRANDING - DISCRETE SERVICE. We do not include our name, web address or any information that may inform the company owners’ that Simple Formations was used to register the company. This discretion provides the accountant with a set of documents they can present to their client as if they had created them. We see many accountants using our service print the documents on their own stationery to add their branding.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. Expert advice and total support from a team of trained company formation agents sets us aside from our competitors. Our incorporation system is incredibly simple to use but we understand you may need our help occasionally. Free advice is guaranteed for users of our incorporation system.

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Why accountants choose us?

Monthly account or pay as you go

LTD, LLP, Not For Profit can all be registered online using our website

All company documents provided

No branding on any of the documents

Discounts for ordering regularly

Great support from a dedicated formation team

Really easy to use website

What's included with your company documents?

We include the following documents as standard even in our basic package:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • First Minutes
  • Share Certificates or Membership Certificates
  • Company Registers
  • Letter of instruction (including the company authentication code)

Our online formation website has many features that simplify the registration process. We are happy to discuss how we can improve company registration for you.

You can even add company formation to your own website! Get in touch to find out how easy it is.

Please note Companies House processing times are an estimate only and not guaranteed.

Simple Formations is a trading name of Small Firms Services Limited. We have been trading since 1998 and are one of the UK's longest standing Company Formation Agents

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We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

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