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We can form a Northern Ireland company with the registrar in Belfast. The process typically takes just 2 or 3 hours using our simple online service. Registering a new company in Northern Ireland is no different to registering one in any other part of the United Kingdom. (Please note that the Republic of Ireland has its own incorporation process different to the UK and is governed by different laws to Northern Ireland).

What makes a Northern Ireland company different?

What if move from Northern Ireland after forming the company?

How do I register my company in Northern Ireland?

What makes a Northern Ireland company different?

Company formations in Northern Ireland are only possible for companies with a Northern Irish registered office address. Once the company is formed it will always be recorded by Companies House as a Northern Irish company. It is not possible to switch the company to any of the other home countries. The official company number will also carry a prefix of NI to clearly identify the company as being registered in Northern Ireland.


What if move from Northern Ireland after forming the company?

This situation presents two solutions. The first option is arguably the simplest but will mean paying an annual fee to a service provider. There are several service providers that will provide you with a registered office service for your company. This will allow you to physically operate your company from anywhere in the world whilst your company maintains a virtual presence in Northern Ireland.

The second solution is more complicated depending on your company’s circumstances. If the move away from Northern Ireland is permanent you may decide to register a new company in the new country and transfer the assets of the company. This is likely to require specialist assistance from an accountant and will also mean that your company has a more recent incorporation date.

How do I register my company in Northern Ireland?

You can register your limited company in Northern Ireland by using our simple to use company registration service. When entering the registered office address simply enter an address in Northern Ireland and select Northern Ireland as the country. We will then automatically process your company registration through Companies House in Belfast within a few hours.

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