Why choose us?

Why choose Simple Formations?

There are several different options available to new business owners when forming a company. You could use Companies House, you may ask your accountant, some people visit a corporate solicitor, whilst many choose a company formation agent.

There are hundreds of reasons to choose Simple Formation to register your company. Whilst we believe we are the best company formation agent we are pleased to spell it out for you that our service is really SIMPLE.

Support.  Whether forming your first company or using our website every day we offer the same high levels of customer service to all customers. Call or email and one of the formation team is on hand to answer your questions. No call centres and no automated messages.

Inclusive packages. We offer full documents within our packages. If you want peace of mind choose one of our great value packages stacked full of company documents and extra guides.

Money off. When adding extra services to your formation we discount services. For example. When you purchase a registered office at the same time as forming a company you get a discount formation. Visit our offers and discount pages for more information.

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Why choose us?

Price. We provide a range of packages starting at less than Companies House charge. You do not need to pay more than a few pounds to register your company.

Love Accountants. OK a little tenuous but it’s true. We provide our formation software to hundreds of accountants every year. Many accountants recommend us directly. If you are an accountant contact us for a monthly account and added features. Not an accountant? Well enjoy the benefits of using a website that was built by professionals for professionals.

Easy. Our website is intuitive. As you register the company it will only ask you for the information we need for your formation. Once you have provided an address we do not ask you to keep on repeating it. Unlike many of our competitors we built our company formation system for the customer, not for the IT team. We made them work hard so you don’t have to.

Our online formation website has many features that simplify the formation process.

We do not use jargon!

We do offer genuine value for money!

If you do not believe our system is SIMPLE then please tell us. Because we designed the software ourselves we can change it. Unlike many formation agents we are not restricted by developers or third party software owners.

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Please note Companies House processing times are an estimate only and not guaranteed.

Simple Formations is a trading name of Small Firms Services Limited. We have been trading since 1998 and are one of the UK's longest standing Company Formation Agents

We accept card payment by American Express, Mastercard and Visa

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

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