Limited libaility partnership

What is a Limited by Liability Partnership?

 An LLP is a type of business structure often favoured in professions such as law and accountancy.




An LLP is operated much the same as a regular partnership with the added security of limited liability. With the objective of profit and differing tax regulations to the traditional limited by shares company, Limited by Liability Partnerships are often favoured in professions such as accountancy and law.

The structure of an LLP is slightly more complex than a Limited by Shares Company but our intuitive software ensures that the formation process is straightforward with your LLP being formed in typically just 3 working hours. 

The Key Points

 Objective is to make profit

 Owned by partners

 Minimum of two designated members

 Partners have limited liability

 Members pay tax on personal income

 Requirement to file accounts


Predominantly, the key taxation difference between a Limited by Shares Company and a Limited Liability partnership is the absence of corporation tax. Effectively, the members of an LLP will complete a yearly self-assessment and pay tax on their personal income foregoing any tax that would have been required if they had been operating a Limited by Shares Company. 


The filing requirements for an LLP are very similar to those of an LTD company. Accounts must be filed at Companies House and HMRC each year. In order to remain active, an LLP must have at least 2 designated members at all times. The designated members are the overall decision makers and are responsible for the day to day running of the company and for submitting the accounts on time.

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