The Importance of Good Customer Service

A good product will be a cornerstone of success but it may not be the only determining factor. With the continuing growth of social media and independent review sites the level of service offered by businesses is open to a lot of scrutiny. Companies driven by customer satisfaction are easily distinguishable from their competitors.

The reputation of a company is important and bad news travels fast. Prioritising customer service will prevent the loss of future customers who may have otherwise used the service if they had not read or heard a bad review.

All companies make mistakes and there will occasionally be issues to resolve. Handling a dispute fairly and professionally can instil loyalty in repeat customers and can also improve the reputation of a company.

Many companies will generate leads for new customers via email enquiries and telephone calls. It may be easier and seem more productive to reply with generic automated responses to all enquiries, however responding to these enquiries with a tailor-made response answering the specific questions being asked will ensure more leads are converted into sales.

This is especially true if enquiries are answered in a professional yet friendly manner which can encourage customers to choose one company over its competitors.

How can you ensure you are offering a high level of customer service?

  • Answer all enquiries professionally and in a timely manner
  • Meet or exceed expected timescales
  • Handle any complaints fairly and respectfully
  • Consider your customers’ requirements

Instilling a customer service driven ethos in your company can be the foundation of longevity and success in the future. A restaurant may have the best chef in the land but if the staff offer a poor level of customer service the company may not last very long.

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