Why do accountants choose Simple Formations?

We form thousands of companies every year for accountants, bookkeepers and professionals

Sensible Prices and Discounts!

Simple to use

Expert Support

Choice - LTD, LLP, Charity

No Branding on Documents

Monthly accounts

Form a new company today from as little as £68

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Why do so many accountants choose Simple Formations?


We know that price is not everything but the cost of your company formations is important. It directly affects your profit margin. We aim to provide low cost registrations with market leading customer support.

Discounts when ordering extra services.

Discounts for regular customers on company formations.


Built from the ground up with accountants in mind we have included many features that your customers will benefit from. At the same time we have kept the process as simple as possible.

With fast track options and time saving features you can submit a new incorporation in just a few minutes. Keep all your incorporation details in one secure location.


Our website has been designed by us, is managed by us and all of the customer support is handled by us. We do not outsource email or telephone enquiries. Our dedicated team understand how to form a company and can answer all of your questions.

Our staff know how our website works and can answer all of your questions. Real people and real time support. 


Despite what some formation agents will tell you not all company formations are the same.

Do you want to form an LTD, LLP or Charity. Upload your own Mem and Arts or use ours. Select standard shares or add unlimited types of shares with any currency. Create a bespoke company or keep it simple. The choice is yours!


We do not put our website details or company name on any of your documents.

Form a new company and print the documents on your own stationery. Your customers will not know that our website was used to register the company. Full company documentation with no mention of Simple Formations.



If you form several companies every month we will be pleased to offer you a monthly account facility.

No credit cards required. No reconciling payments throughout the month. One statement each month for one payment. Benefit from quicker checkout with a monthly account facility - available to recognised accountants.

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Simple Formations is a trading name of Small Firms Services Limited. We have been trading since 1998 and are one of the UK's longest standing Company Formation Agents

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We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

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