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Company Formation - The Simple Way

Starting a new company with Simple Formations is the simplest way to form your company. It all starts with a name search. So what are you waiting for? See if your favourite company name is available or try a few different alternatives.


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Enter your company name into our SEARCH BOX and see if your preferred name is available. Get the all clear and you will have your company formed in just a few simple steps.

Our website will make the formation process as simple as possible.

Company formation has never been so easy!

So your name is available what else do you need?

1. A UK address for the registered office
2. At least one person to be a company director
3. At least one shareholder or guarantee member (can be the same person as the director)

In simple terms that is all you need!

If your company has one sole director/shareholder then we will zip you through the application in just a few minutes. Of course if you want to make a bespoke company we will walk you through all of the choices. Whether you want LIMITED or LTD in your company name or you are creating different shares in your company we offer help along the way. Registering a limited company does not mean you are limited in how you create the company at the time of incorporation. 


We're not just for accountants

Accountants enjoy using our simple to use website, but so do thousands of start-up businesses. All customers benefit from our years of experience forming companies. We built our formation software to be the easiest to use in the industry. We also built it to provide you, the customer, with all of the options you may need to register your company correctly.

We can help you to form the following types of company-

Limited by shares companies for normal profit making businesses
Guarantee companies for businesses that are not for profit like clubs and charities
Limited Liability Partnerships for professions like solicitor and architects

One size does not fit all so stop looking for one site that forms one type of business. We’ve got it all covered on one website and we’re happy to help you form your company, LLP or charity.


Please note Companies House processing times are an estimate only and not guaranteed.

Simple Formations is a trading name of Small Firms Services Limited. We have been trading since 1998 and are one of the UK's longest standing Company Formation Agents

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We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

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