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Tax changes make investors look at LTDs

From April 2017 buy to let investors will be hit with changes to the taxation of their rental income. Landlords will no longer be able to deduct all of the interest costs of the mortgage from the rental income. Thanks to George Osborne, many investors will face a higher tax bill due to these changes and the government will raise hundreds of millions of pounds in extra taxes.

Holding property in a limited company provides an alternative solution. Registering a limited company is simple using our service and may help to reduce your tax bill

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Why are companies more attractive to investors?

Following the changes introduced by the 2015 Summer Budget there has been an increase in investors looking for alternative solutions to holding properties as investments. Buy to let property owners are now purchasing properties through companies.

There are differences in taxation when owning property as a person or as a corporate entity.

If you let a property in your personal name, any rental income is added to your tax return and you pay the correct level of tax. Holding property in a limited company means that corporation tax is due on the profit and personal income tax is only due when you withdraw the profit from the company.

The main benefit from keeping the property in a company name is the flexibility it provides when extracting profit. The owners of a company will normally take profits in the form of dividends.

When making a dividend payment you can decide-

How much to pay – You do not have to withdraw all of the profit immediately.

When to pay – You may leave profit in the company to extract at another time.

Who to pay – Additional shareholders can be added to the company. This may be partners or family members.

Flexibility in distributing profit may reduce your tax bill. However, you should seek advice from an accountant before making any decisions.

What SIC to use when registering a company?

When forming the company you have to provide an SIC to Companies House. If you are registering the business to hold property then mortgage providers will check you have chosen the correct codes.

68100 - Buying and selling of own real estate

68201 - Renting and operating of Housing Association real estate

68209 - Other letting and operating of own or leased real estate

SIC is the Standard Industry Code. Every company must provide at least one code to Companies House at the time of registration.

Although we do our best to ensure the information we provide is accurate we strongly recommend you check with a tax adviser if you have any questions regarding this specific tax issue and how it affects you personally. Regulations and tax rules change over time any may not apply to all situations now or in the future.

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