Changing company officers

Company officers are responsible for the day to day running of a limited company and its affairs.



Corporate Officers

Any appointed directors or secretaries for a UK company are collectively referred to as the company officers. There must be a minimum of one human director at all times but it is no longer a legal requirement, following the 2006 Companies Act, for a secretary to be appointed. The company officers are responsible for managing the company affairs.

The director is legally responsible for ensuring the company complies with all statutory filing requirements. The role of the company secretary is not specified by law but may be defined in the contract of employment. Both appointment types are not mutually exclusive and an individual or corporate entity can be both a director and a secretary.

Appointing or removing a director

It is imperative that Companies House are notified immediately after any changes to the current appointments of a company. 

The simplest way to notify Companies House of a change to the current appointments is online via the WebFiling service. Forms AP01 or AP02 can be submitted to add a new person or corporate entity as a director respectively. 

Removing both types of director can be achieved by filing form TM01. These forms are easily accessible online and can be filed online or by post.



Company officer

Appointing or removing a secretary

Whilst company secretaries are no longer a legal requirement, the appointment of a company secretary can still be advantageous. The role of the secretary would typically be to ensure that all statutory registers are maintained and to reduce the administrative burden on the directors.

A secretary can be either a person or a corporate entity and can be appointed with either form AP03 or AP04. These forms can be submitted either by post or online using the WebFiling service.

Changing the details of an existing officer

Companies House also need to be notified of any changes to an existing company officer. Name changes or a new address, for example, can be submitted to Companies House via the relevant forms. Forms CH01 and CH02 are used to change the details or both types of director. Likewise forms CH03 and CH04 are used to change the details of a company secretary.

It is not possible to change the date of birth of a director using form CH01 and if a mistake has been then the appointment will need to be terminated and the director will need to be reappointed with the correct details.


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