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Starting a new business can cause enough concerns without worrying about who may turn up at your door step. Many small business start-up from home to take advantage of the cost savings from not renting property. For some this creates the headache of how to advertise the business without telling the world where you live.

This case study looks at a small business that wanted to register a company but needed advice on registering the business at their home address.

John and Sandra supply parts and products to a niche market through their website and specialist trade brochures. They had no immediate requirement to set up their own business premises as most of their supplies could be dispatched directly from the manufacturer.

They contacted Simple Formations for assistance with the registration of their company and began discussing their concerns regarding the registered address of the business. They had read correctly that all registered companies have to provide an address to Companies House that is displayed online in the public register.

Worried that their home address would be included on hundreds of websites we discussed how our office address could be used by their company. They had to decide whether to make their address public to all customers or whether they should keep some privacy and use a virtual address for their company.

It soon became apparent that they would needed a complete address service for the new company. They decided to use our address for more than just the registered office allowing them to use our address as their main address.

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Why did this business choose Simple Formations?

Why choose SimpleFormations?

The business would benefit from using our address on their websites, letterheads, stationery and other communication. One address for all of the customers and suppliers to write to. The company was soon formed and our address was used as both the registered office and the general business address.

For several years now we have been receiving all of the mail for this business. Letters arrive at our office, we add their home address to the envelope, attach new stamps and send the post to the customer. We have seen their business grow at the same time as ours and look forward to supporting them for many more years.

This is just one example from the thousands of companies we have helped over the last few years. We support wide range of businesses with their mail forwarding to make sure they can focus on their business while keeping some privacy.

Why they chose Simple Formations?

More than just a formation agent

Practical advice on how to manage their business

Company Formation AND address service in one place

Keeping their address private

Low cost mail service

Great support answering their company questions

FREE advice before and after ordering

What mail is included in their virtual address service?

We receive, process and forward all of the business mail including:

  • Companies House and HMRC letters
  • Bank Statements and letters
  • Customers payments and communication
  • Suppliers letters and statements
  • Enquiries from customers
  • Trade Magazines and literature
  • Any general business communication addressed to the company

Our online formation website has many features that simplify the registration process and allows you to add extra services like the registered office. We offer a one stop solution for companies that also need a virtual address service for their business. We are happy to discuss how we can assist you with company registration and keeping your home address private.

Please get in touch to find out how we can help you start a business from home.

Please note Companies House processing times are an estimate only and not guaranteed.

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