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 Entrepreneurialism is a growing trend in the UK and new business start-ups are at an all-time high.  

Many businesses begin their path at home and even Google was started in a garage! However, if you are starting your enterprise at home you may not want this information publicly available.

Why keep your address private?


Customers can often be sceptical when dealing with a company advertising a PO Box or a clear home address for correspondence.

Whist there are many professional, legitimate companies operated through a home address, risk adverse customers may avoid dealing with a business that does not look professional. There are many stories of deceitful companies defrauding the vulnerable via eBay scams and pop up websites.


Separating your business from your home address will not only reassure your customers, but also improve your company image which is essential in the long term.

Renting a physical office space can be expensive and advertising your home address may not be ideal. Several service providers exist to fill the void by offering a cost effective solution via a virtual office service.

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Furthermore, keeping a degree of separation from your personal life and your business can offer security and peace of mind. Not all customers can be satiable and in the event that your customer was disagreeable you would more than likely not want them turning up on your doorstep. 


A virtual office address not only affords you the privacy you need but provides a variety of other benefits as well.  

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