Share Transfer

Share Transfer

£250.00 (£300.00 inc VAT)

Fast, professional, low cost service to document the transfer of shares from one person to another within a UK limited company.

SHARETRANS : £300.00
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Shares in a UK limited company are a form of property. The ownership of these shares can be sold/transferred to another person as per the Companies Act 2006.

This can be done for a variety of reasons, for example to reflect a change in ownership of a company, as a gift or in exchange for goods and services.

Our professional service will ensure the requisite documents for a simple share transfer are completed correctly.

Who is this Service Suitable For?

This product is suitable for UK Limited Companies transferring shares from one shareholder to another. The company must have model articles of association if we are to provide this service.

This service is not suitable for the transfer of shares to multiple shareholders or for more complex changes. If more complex changes are required we may still be able to assist. We simply ask that you contact us first to confirm your requirements so that we can provide a quote for the service.

What is Included?

This is a complete service. We will prepare the following documentation:

Stock Transfer Form When transferring the ownership of shares from one shareholder to another a stock transfer form should be completed. We will arrange for this to be done. You should then arrange for the parties detailed to sign the document and this can then be held on your private company records. If the shares are being transferred for a value of £1000 or more then the transfer will be liable for Stamp Duty. We do not assist with this aspect. More information on this can be found below.

Meeting MinutesA set of meeting minutes will be prepared to confirm what changes have been made. You should then arrange for the company director or secretary to sign this document. The meeting minutes can then be retained on the company records.

Share CertificateWe will prepare a share certificate for the new shareholder. This should be signed and can then be held by the respective shareholder.

Confirmation StatementWe will file a confirmation statement at Companies House. This is done to update the records held at Companies House for the company in question and will confirm the new distribution of the share capital of the company. (We can only file this if the authentication code is provided)

How does it work?

Once you have placed the order we will email you to let you know what details we need. Once you have confirmed the required information we will get started straight away. 

What information is needed?

To ensure the documents are completed correctly we will need you to provide the following information:

  • Current shareholders names, address and shares held (e.g John Smith holds 50 x £ 1 ordinary shares)
  • Name, address and shares to be held by new shareholder.
  • Date share transfer takes place.
  • Has any money been paid by the new shareholder for the shares.

We also need the authentication code of the company to enable us to file the Confirmation Statement at Companies House.

Additional Services

We can also assist with changing the director and PSC of the company. This can be requested when ordering above. 



How long does this service take?

From the point we have received payment and all of the required information we aim to provide the completed documents within 1-2 working days.

What is stamp duty?

If shares are being transferred for a value of £1000.00 or over then stamp duty should be paid to HMRC. The current stamp duty rate is 0.5% of the transfer value rounded to the nearest £5.00. If stamp duty applies in your case please contact HMRC directly for this once we have completed our service. More information can be found on the HMRC website here –

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