Make a complaint about a company

Should you have reason to make a complaint about a UK registered company then you can contact the relevant authority for assistance.

Whilst the majority of UK companies are operated correctly and the owners conduct business properly there will be cases when people want to make a complaint against a company. The complaint needs to be made to the correct organisation.

Complaints to Companies House

Complaints to the Insolvency Service

Complaints to Trading Standards


Complaints to Companies House

Many complaints about companies can be made directly to Companies House. However, it is important to note that Companies House only deal with registered companies. They cannot help you if your complaint is against a sole trader or partnership.

The type of complaint that Companies House typically handle will relate to the company name, passing off, the registered office and other Companies Act related matters.



Complaints to the Insolvency Service

If you believe a company has been involved in a serious breach of the law then you may need to raise a complaint with the insolvency service.

This may include a company that-

 Has a disqualified director involved in the management of the company.

 Is causing harm to suppliers or customers

 Breaks the law or is committing fraud (serious fraud should be reported to The Serious Fraud Office)

 Has significant irregularity with its accounts or reports


Complaints to Trading Standards

For matters relating to a company’s general trading activities you may want to make a complaint to the local trading standards office. They can handle complaints relating to incorrect goods, scams, and unfair trading.

Where possible it is worth contacting the company directly to resolve matters. If this does not work then consider reporting a business to trading standards.

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Please note Companies House processing times are an estimate only and not guaranteed.

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