Can I choose any name I like for my company?

Unfortunately there are some limitations on registering a new company name. Whilst many company names are freely available, others are protected.

The name of your company will give potential customers a strong first impression, so it is vital to choose carefully. In theory, you can choose whatever name you want for your company, but there are a few exceptions:

  • If it is identical to, or too similar to an existing name
  • If it is offensive, or if its use would be a criminal offence
  • If it uses sensitive words or expressions, as determined by the law

We form thousands of companies every year for our customers. Most will be accepted without any problem, others require supporting data and a small number will be refused.

When you form a company using our website we perform an initial check of the name against Companies House register and a list of protected or sensitive names. If your company name is flagged as one of the exceptions we will provide you with free advice and assistance where possible to get the name registered.

If for any reason your company name is rejected we will re-submit an alternative name for you at no cost. In the unlikely event that you are instructed by Companies House to change your name after the incorporation we can assist you with a company name change.

For more information on company names that are too similar and sensitive company names please visit our knowledge centre.

Please note Companies House processing times are an estimate only and not guaranteed.

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