How to Restore a Closed Company?

Was your company removed from the register and you still need the company? Companies may be dissolved or struck off the register for many reasons. It may have been a decision by the company directors or Companies House may have removed the company for failure to file documents.

We hear from many customers each who contact us regarding companies that have been dissolved and removed from the company register when they are still required by the directors or share holders. It is possible to reinstate your UK limited company once it has been dissolved by applying for ‘Administrative Restoration’ or by ‘Court Order’.

Administrative Restoration

Administrative restoration can be completed if the company was struck off the register because it appeared to no longer be trading or failed to file documents. This process requires the company to file an application to the registrar of companies (Companies House) to reinstate the company onto the public register. The application is typically supported with additional documents that bring the filing history up to date.

If the company has been restored using administrative restoration your company is added to the register as if it has remained in existence and had never been dissolved. This means the filing deadlines for your statutory documents will remain the same. The company can then continue to operate as normal.

In addition to the company restoration application, the company may also need to provide any accounts, confirmation statements or other documents that were due at the time of dissolution along with the filing fees and any outstanding fines. The company must also file any documents that would have been for submission sine the dissolution. It must bring all filing up to date as if it had remained in existence. Administrative restoration forms will need to be signed by a director appointed at the time the company was dissolved.

Court Order Restoration

If the company was dissolved voluntarily by one of the company directors the method of restoration is by obtaining a court order. This can be applied for by a previous director, liquidator, a person or entity who has a legal claim against the company or any person who the court believes to have an interest in the company.

If you intend to restore a company because there are legal issues which need to be resolved we suggest you contact a legal professional who specialises in company law. A company can be restored using a court order up to six years after the company was removed from the register if the dissolution date was on or after 1st October 2009. If the Dissolution date was before this time frame you will need to contact Companies House directly for further guidance. You can contact Companies House on 0303 1234 500.

Get help with your company restoration!

SFS will be pleased to assist with the Administrative Restoration of your limited company. We will check the company status and filing requirements to provide an accurate quote. One of our experts will prepare all of the documents for you to avoid errors and make payments to Companies House on your behalf.

Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with Court Order Restoration of your company as you will need to seek professional legal advice.