Free Business Phone Numbers Now Available!

We are pleased to announce we have secured a new telecom partner to supply our clients with business phone numbers free of charge. This new service is available to both new and existing clients and you are not required to use one of our address services to benefit from this free service.
The numbers currently available are 0844 numbers and come with the following benefits –

  • Free to setup and no cost to you to run
  • The number is pointed at your existing phone numbers and can be patched over landlines or mobiles so you do not need to pay for expensive extra line rentals or mobile handsets and contracts
  • Advanced call management features allow you to control which number the 0844 points at and can even create hunt groups to ring multiple numbers simultaneously or in order
  • Includes auto attendant so you can control calls based on the caller’s requirement. E.g. “Press 1 for customer services… 2 for billing and accounts” e.t.c
  • Voicemail is included
  • This service is also available to our overseas clients. Please contact us and let us know where you are and whether you want to receive calls to a mobile or landline and we can advise if we can support your needs for free.

The advantage of using an 0844 number is the flexibility it gives you. As well as all of the above benefits it allows you to keep your underlying numbers private so you can point the 0844 at your personal mobile and then change the routing whenever you need to. If you move office or start out at home and then expand to a business premises you can take the 0844 number with you. There is no need to change the number, you simply point it at whichever phone number you want to receive the calls on.

Using a non-geographic 0844 number can also help enhance your image as an established or nationwide company if needed. For example, if you are based in London but looking to attract new clients from Scotland using an 0844 number does not tell the caller you are London based. Many large businesses use 0844 numbers so you will benefit from the same perception as they do.

Receiving the calls routed to a mobile allows you to operate outside of a typical office environment with your callers never knowing. This gives you the freedom to move around as you wish without being tied to a desk and the caller never needs to know you are using your mobile phone to receive their call.

If you would like to use one of our free 0844 numbers or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.