Companies House to Stop Paper Reminders

All Limited Companies registered within the UK are legally required to file certain documents with Companies House each year. Primarily, UK Companies are required to file a yearly set of accounts and a confirmation statement with Companies House.

If these documents are filed late Companies House may impose late filing penalties, furthermore if these documents are not filed at all then Companies House would take action to begin striking the company off the register.

Historically, Companies House have sent reminders of the due dates for filing these documents to the registered office address for each company. This will no longer be the case in the future. It is still possible to sign up for reminders of filing dates for the annual accounts and confirmation statement here –

The filing dates of a given company are also published on the freely accessible company register here -

It is imperative that company directors are aware of their filing responsibilities and the due dates for these documents. The failure to file a document because a director did not receive a reminder that this was due would not be considered grounds to appeal against any potential late filing penalties. Furthermore, there could be legal ramifications for the director if the accounts and confirmation statement are not filed on time.

Although Companies House will no longer be posting paper reminders for filing dates, UK companies must still maintain an effective registered office address. HMRC will still use this address as will Companies House for any other statutory correspondence.

The move to become progressively more paperless has clear benefits. Not only will the reduction of paper usage be beneficial to the environment, the considerable costs saved on printing by Companies House will be reinvested to improve their products and services.

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