Website and Stationery for Your New Company

After registering a limited company the next step for many new businesses is to register a domain name, create a brand image, build a professional web site, create a logo and have all your stationery ready to go.

Starting a new company can be a very exciting experience but it can also be expensive. Building a website and ordering stationery may be an expense you cannot afford or essential to presenting the correct image to your customers. With a bit of planning you can establish your corporate presence within your budget and timeframe.

Simple Formations has used its market influence to negotiate some drastically reduced web and print design packages with an experienced design company. In addition to negotiating really low prices we have also ensured that all packages contain no

What is a website?

Websites communicate information to online customers. They can be a single landing page, a basic html website consisting of 4 or 5 pages, an online brochure, a large corporate site with content management or a scalable shop with thousands of products. You can build your own site using a CMS platform like WordPress, pay a small monthly fee to one of the editable template service providers or contact a web development company for something more bespoke.

It may be argued that a website is now essential for businesses. With more people searching online with smart phones, tablets and computers, you need to consider what your customers are looking for and how they will find your business details.

People visit websites to achieve one of two things. They either want information or they need to obtain something. Can you provide useful information to your potential customers? Are you providing a product or service that can be promoted or sold by a website?

Ultimately a website should be created because your customers or website visitors need something on the website.

New Company Website


What kind of website do you need?

Whether you need a website and how much time and money you should invest will depend on your type of business and your market. The needs of a local decorating firm will be significantly different to that of a website selling photographic products. Do you simply need to inform website visitors of the services you provide or will you be selling products online?

Your business may only need a portfolio of work while another business will constantly communicate to customers using blogs, support forums and social media. Your budget may dictate the type of site you select. Editable templates are a lot cheaper than bespoke designs.

Choosing Stationery

Company Stationery

How much stationery you should order and which items you should purchase from a stationers will depend on the impression you wish to create for your customers. In today’s digital world many business operate entirely online communicating via email and electronic platforms. In this case it is unlikely you will need to invest in any printed stationery. A small amount of money may need to be spent on template designs but this could be handled by yourself.

Companies that require printed letterheads, quotations, invoices, business cards etc. need to consider the image they need to present. Could you create your own stationery using Word, PowerPoint or a simple design programme? Do you need expensive paper, raised text, embossing or creative designs on your stationery.

Many commentators will tell you that you should only really spend money on what you need and not want you want. Many start-ups spend hundreds of pounds in the excitement of starting a new company and this money may be better spent on advertising or marketing your business. We are not suggesting that all businesses should avoid spending money on stationery, but do recommend you don’t rush the decision.

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