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When it's time to get the ball rolling, knowing how to register a company will make the difference between making mistakes and getting things right the first time. Registering a limited company is a legal process and knowing your obligations will help you avoid making errors in the application.

We’ll automatically check the name of your company to make sure Companies House accepts it and organise your Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association plus other documents most agents expect you to pay extra for!

Your business will be fully incorporated in a matter of hours – saving you time and money whilst using the simplest company registration service available.

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How to register your company

Step 1

Select a company name

Step 2

Enter a registered office Address

Step 3

Appoint the directors

Step 4

Choose whether or not to appoint a secretary.

Step 5

Enter the details of the shareholders and issued share capital.



What you will need to register a UK company

Before you can register your new company, you will need to have all the relevant information to hand that Companies House require. There's a fair bit, so let's get started.

1. Company Name

This may seem obvious, but you will need to have decided on your new companies' name. There are a few issues with names to avoid such as:

  • Sensitive names
  • Already registered names

To help you, we have a name search tool you can use that will show you if you're new companies' name is already registered.

See if your chosen company name is available

2. Company Address

By UK Law, your new company will need to have a fixed address and you will need to show this address on all websites, letters, terms and conditions, directories, and other company documentation. This ensures transparency and builds trust with your customers.

You can choose from several options:

  • Your home address
  • An office address
  • Place of Business
  • A virtual office address

Wherever your Head Office or place of business is located, you must register this address with Companies House. This must be a UK address.

3. One Director

Every company registered in the United Kingdom must have at least one company director. Of course, you may have several people as directors of a company, but if you are solo, this is fine.

The company director(s) is/are legally responsible for the running of the company and must ensure all accounts and reports are carefully prepared and submitted annually. Directors must know their responsibilities when starting a company.

A company director:

  • Must be16 or over and not disqualified from being a director
  • Must be at least one person - another company can also be a director
  • Has their name and address publicly available - although you can stop your home address appearing if you are at risk of abuse or harm from your companies activities

Therefore, you need to ensure the company director is the person(s) who will act as the person(s) legally responsible for all your company activities and legal reporting.

4. Details of Company Shares - Statement of Capital

Company shares dictate who owns the company and who stands to benefit from dividends and share value increases over time. The shareholders can vote and agree on any company changes.

A director can be a shareholder if the company is "limited by shares". If there's only one shareholder, this person will own 100% of your company.

Share value can be as little as £1 to limit the shareholder's liability. However, if there is more than one shareholder, you will need to know what percentage of your company each own and the value of their shares.

5. SIC Code

The Standard Industrial Classification (or SIC) code outlines the main activities of your new company. You must provide this code when filing to Companies House otherwise they may reject your documents.

For example, if you manufacture ice cream, your code will be 10520. If you are a plumber, your code will be 43220.

6. Memorandum and Articles of Association

This document is legally required and is where the shareholders agree to and set out the rules to create your new company. All shareholders must sign the Memorandum of Association and agree on how to run your company in the Articles of Association.

These documents must be accurate and wholly agreed upon; you cannot change them once you have registered your new business with Companies House. You can use standard articles, called Model Articles, or create your own.

7. Details of People with Significant Control (PSC)

For anyone in your business who has a significant control over your limited company, you will need to provide their details including name and address. This may be for people with over 25% of the shares and/or voting rights over your companies' activities.

You will need to keep a PSC register and you must file your PSC register with the central public register at Companies House. This register increases transparency and can inform investors when looking to invest in your company.

It also helps law enforcement agencies in money laundering investigations. Therefore, you must keep this register updated and newly registered whenever there are changes and forms part of your annual reporting.



It's time to register your new company!

Once you have all of the aforementioned information to hand, you are now ready to register your company. The information must be complete and accurate as these are legal documents and there are consequences should you provide misleading or inaccurate details.

Would you like some help?

For those new to registering companies, this can all seem overwhelming and risky. However, we can easily help you with all your documentation and submitting the incorporation to Companies' House. Using our online company formation service makes the process simple. Online help, guides and FAQs, plus trained staff to answer your questions.

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