A Guide to Choosing a Company Formation Agent

The following guide is designed to assist you in identifying what to look for in a Limited Company formation agent.

You may think all company formation agents are the same. This is unfortunately not the case. Although the end product should always be the same (a limited company) there are a number of key points that differentiate one from another.

The whole point behind the concept and design of Simple Formations was to take all the best parts of the services offered by various formation agents and provide them in one very easy to use web site with no hidden surprises.

What to look for in your company formation agent:

  • Clear pricing with no hidden charges, for example, is vat and the 13 government fee clearly included in the advertised price? What about delivery costs?
  • No deceptive entry level packages. With the government fee being 13 per company formed if an agent is offering formations for not much more than this then there is likely to be a sting in the tail somewhere. Most commonly the cheap package is not a trading company, or additional fees may need to be paid to release the company into your control.
  • Full company documents, not just an electronic copy of the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association. If you do not get Company Registers or Share Certificates you will have to buy them at a later date.
  • Incorporation with your own details and not nominees. By using nominees the agent then has to transfer shares to you after incorporation and send you forms to appoint a director and secretary. This can slow down opening business bank accounts and also means the agents nominee details will be recorded on your company paperwork, and at Companies House, for as long as your company exists.
  • Free phone support and advice, if the agent wants your business they should at least provide free phone advice and support.
  • An informative website providing free advice. If a company formation agent is not able to advise you on the important aspects of a limited company then who can?
  • Completely secure website and not just the payment page. Registering a company requires sensitive personal information to be collected. The entire process should be secure as soon as you start entering personal data. Check for the padlock sign in your browser when entering personal information.
  • Simple and intuitive system making the incorporation process as easy as possible - Simple Formations was tested for a period of 6 months prior to launch to ensure all levels of user could easily mange and understand the registration process through our system. 

Compare Simple Formations packages to others available and we think you will be pleasantly surprised. From just 29.95 + vat for same day company formation with electronic documents – review our company formation packages.

Basic package 29.95 plus vat - electronic documents
Standard package 41.95 plus vat - electronic and hard copy documents.
Executive package 62.95 plus vat - electronic and hard copy documents plus company seal and seal wafers.

If you believe another agent is offering a better package for a cheaper price we will do our very best to improve on their offer. Please contact us with details.

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