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Simple Formations can now assist with providing a business or personal bank account for UK based clients. You simply apply online and your account could be opened instantly!

These accounts are available to everyone based in the UK just so long as you can prove you live at a UK address. There are no credit checks so if you or your company has been refused a bank account on the grounds of a poor credit rating for any of the persons connected to the bank account then this account may be for you.

Please note a no credit check bank account has no annual charges but incurs charges for transactions. If you prefer free banking and have a more favourable credit history then you can apply for a free bank account here - Free Bank Accounts.


Account Features

This No Credit check Business Account is an ideal alternative to a standard high street business bank account

This prepaid Business Account works in much the same way as a high street business bank account, except that there are no high street branches and the account doesn't come with a cheque clearing facility or cheque book. In other words you can't write cheque's or receive cheque's.

There are no annual or monthly charges for the account. There is an ATM withdrawal fee of £2.00 per ATM withdrawal you make on the account.

The account can be in your business name, so you'll be able to invoice clients and receive payments in your business name as you would with any high street bank.


What's more, you don't need to pass a credit check in order to open the account, subject to the terms and conditions of the account provider. You will benefit from the following features:

  • No account set up fee 
  • No monthly fee
  • Free to send and receive bank transfers
  • Free to set up Direct Debits and Standing Orders
  • Free to pay in cash at over 14,000 locations nationwide – including the Post Office®
  • Free to use the MasterCard® card that comes with the account for purchases in the UK and overseas
  • Free Online Banking – download statements, make bank payments and much more
Bank Account

How does it work

It works very simply. You apply via a simple online application here - apply online

  • On receipt of your application an electronic identity check is carried out. This is not a credit check and is just checking you are a UK resident and comply with the providers terms and conditions
  • MasterCard payment card is usually issued within 4 to 6 working days
  • Account number and sort code issued in 4 to 6 working days
  • Manage your account online and pay money in via bank transfer or cash at the Post Office
  • Start receiving payments via bank transfer or cash from your customers
  • If you setup a merchant account to accept cards the merchant provider can pay your card payments into this account

It is that simple and no credit check required.

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Are there any catches?


There are no catches with this bank account but you must be able to satisfy the following simple criteria and the following fees apply to the accounts -

  • The accounts are only available to UK residents
  • An electronic identity check will be processed (this is not a credit check). If proof of address can not be confirmed electronically the account may be restricted until paper proof of address has been supplied
  • There is no annual or monthly charges for this account
  • There is a £2 charge to withdraw cash at an ATM
  • There are no borrowing or overdraft facilities so you can only spend money that is in the account
  • There are no high street branches, the account is managed online or by paying cash in at your local Post Office
  • You will not be issued with a cheque book and can not accept cheque payments as the account has no cheque clearing facility
  • Your company should not be using a virtual address as the registered office
  • This service is a free referral to the service provider and does not form part of the formation process. Services supplied by us are not connected to or reliant on the account application being accepted by the supplier.

Who can apply?

Any UK resident can apply whether it be for a personal account or a business account.

Limited companies and LLP's can apply and the account will opened in the name of the company.

Sole traders and unlimited partnerships can apply

Personal bank accounts are also available

Your credit history is not relevant so bankruptcy and CCJ's are no problem


How to apply

To apply is simple, you just need to fill in a very simple online application form. Your bank account will then be opened within 4 to 6 days. To access the online application please >>CLICK HERE <<

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