Company Registers

Company Registers

Combined Register Limited Liability Partnership 



Limited companies in the UK are obligated to main statutory registers that record information on directors, members and secretaries amongst various other aspects of the company. These records are generally held at the registered office or a SAIL address. Following the recent changes to the Companies Act in 2006, companies now also have the option to submit the registers to Companies House to be held on the public register.  

This product is ideal for Limited Liability Partnerships.

You can find more information on registers for a limited by shares company here.


What is a SAIL address?

The SAIL address is an alternative address at which the statutory records can be made available for inspection. The SAIL address is governed by the same regulations as the registered office address and this must be a location based in the country in which the company was registered.

What is included in a register for an LLP?

We offer an LLP register that allows you to maintain important information relating to your LLP. This includes the following:

  • Register of Members
  • Register of Mortgages
  • Register of Debentures
  • Blank sheets for recording Minutes
  • Space for storing Certificate of Registration

Where are the Registers Kept?

Ordinarily, the statutory registers are held at a companies registered office address. If it is not feasible to make the registers available to inspect at this address a company can elect to use an alternative SAIL address, otherwise known as a Single Alternative Inspection Location.


Combined Register Limited Liability Partnership

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