SH01 Increasing Share Capital

SH01 Increasing Share Capital

£250.00 (£300.00 inc VAT)

Standard increase of share capital for one share class. This service includes the filing of form SH01 to increase the share capital of a company, the creation of meeting minutes and the provision of new share certificates if applicable.

FILESH01 : £300.00
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We offer assistance with increasing the share capital for your company. There are many reasons why a company may choose to increase the share capital; the most common of which are to add a new shareholder or dilute the ownership of the company.

For example, if a company currently has two shareholders owning 5 x £1.00 shares each and they wish to add a new shareholder with equal ownership the share capital of the company can be increased by a further 5 x £1.00 shares. The new shares can then be issued to the new shareholder accordingly.

To proceed with this we will require your company authentication code. If we registered the company for you we will have this stored securely. You can find more information on share changes on our website.

This service is for a standard increase of one share class only. Once we have received the order we will contact you to clarify what changes are required.


Please contact us for a quote if you require more bespoke changes to your share structure

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